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Just like big and major companies, a startup business also needs to have a marketing plan. A marketing plan is just like a business plan, wherein it will help you decide and focus how and where to spend your budget and resources. Having a marketing plan is not an assurance that you will be successful, however it will help you guide that details when, why and how you will carry out definite efforts. In addition, all the efforts you put into evolving such a plan will aid in a better understanding of your industry and business. Here are some marketing plans for your startup business to get you started.

Review your business plan
Before doing any marketing plan, make sure to consult first your business plan. Have a look at the goals you have set for your business and yourself and review the products or services you are offering. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How can your potential customer benefit from the products and servicer you are offering?
  • How do you stand out from competition?
  • What makes you different?

You can start brainstorming for ideas in order to determine what your selling point is and think of what you hope or want to get of your marketing plans and efforts.

Identifying your target demographic
Before developing any marketing plan, it is important to know who your target audience is. Just because the products and services you are offering appeal to many people, it does not mean that you should spend a lot of your money and time trying to reach everyone. Identifying your target demographic will help you a lot what limited resources and budget your startup business has.

Make sure to do your research and get information from other sources and use this to identify how to carve your niche. Once you’ve done your research, take time to make a customer profile to have an in=depth description of who your usual customer may be. The next step you need to make is to literally find your customer. Know which social media platform or apps they typically use and which websites they often visit.

Setting your objectives
The objectives you will set needs to have the following qualities:

  •  It should be specific. Write them in a way that is clear on what you would like to achieve.
  • Make sure that it is measurable.
  • It is essential to make it achievable. Make sure you have the proper resources in order to realize the object you have set.
  • Be realistic in the objectives you will set. It is important to find balance between obtainable and challenging.
  • Set a deadline with every objective you will set

Determine tactics and strategies
Having tactics and strategies will actually explain how you want to achieve the objectives you have written. You need to develop strategies to tackle every objective and then decide on the tactics. This part is where you will have decide whether you will opt to advertise, have social media engagement or run an email campaign. Ensure that the strategies you will come up with and the tactics you will choose coincide with the objectives you have set. Once you have settle on the tactics you will use to market your startup business, finalize your budget and timeline

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